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Designing for Enhanced Productivity: Promoting Convenience + Control

Building technology expert Herbert Els talks about the opportunities and challenges with creating agile work environments.


Organizations are consistently being asked to do more with less, creating an emerging trend in office real estate: the agile work environment. 

However, this trend doesn't come without its challenges—perception of inconvenience due to not having a desk or "homebase" and lack of control in day-to-day routine when arriving in the office. So how do we design a successful, agile working environment? How do we harness the data from Internet of Things (IoT) to influence design and safeguard productivity while minimizing disruption in open, flexible work environments? 

It comes down to two words: convenience and control. In this talk, Herbert Els discusses the importance of designing spaces to promote convenience and control, and how these key components help create a more productive and gratifying work environment—one that pleases the employees while allowing the organization to do more with less.

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