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The choice is clear: Ultra-transparent glass offers high performance and high design

The benefits of neutrality and natural light

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March 08, 2018 |
Elizabeth Cotton

Talented designers understand how to create space inside or outside any structure. By playing with light, ceiling heights and other elements, rooms can look expansive and welcoming. Choosing to include glass shelving in a modern office, for example, can add an openness and a contemporary feel that many companies aim to achieve in today’s tech-heavy, futuristic marketplace.

Glass partitions in the same application can allow for light to filter from externally-facing offices or conference rooms into the interior space; more employees can reap the benefits of outdoor views and the diffusion of natural light, not to mention that this can also contribute to a healthier work environment.

Today’s trends for outdoor-facing windows are leaning to clarity and neutrality in material selection. This way, optimal light can enter into the building’s core - in addition to the fact that crystal-clear windows will look stunning. And for those fortunate enough to work, live, or take a vacation in a space on a higher floor, the right kind of glass will provide the optimal experience - and yes, the ideal Instagram post.


Achieving optimal clarity and light transmission

There are many different glass materials that can achieve such a desired aesthetic. Clearvision™ by AGC Glass North America is the leading option with wide-ranging applications, thanks to its resilience and clear properties. The glass is ideal for commercial interior and specialty applications, yet it can also be appropriate for residential use, such as in heavy glass shower enclosures or custom table tops, for example.

This glass product is unique in that is has a visible light transmission of 92% at 3mm; it can bathe interior spaces in the light they require, and with a virtually colorless appearance, afford the purity and neutrality for seamless views and brightness.

Clearvision is available in laminated, heat-treated, bent, silk-screened, or insulated configurations. This enables it to be specified for interiors and exteriors — from distinct architectural elements like balustrades and floors, to entire building facades.

It is not uncommon today to see a city skyline dominated by architectural wonders, many of which employ distinct geometric shapes - and use glass to achieve this. The possibility of copious natural light is important to many designers, thanks to modern demands for a functional work or living space that also caters to wellbeing and health needs. Relatedly, AGC’s Clearvision is also Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver, adding to the company’s extensive offering of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Fortunately, with current advances in glass technology and innovative products like Clearvision, those responsible for structures to which the eye is naturally drawn are simultaneously able to envision and construct buildings that are as enjoyable to be in as to observe.

Elizabeth Cotton | Glass: Unlimited Possibilities
AGC Glass North America
Product Manager – Interior & Specialty Products

Elizabeth Cotton has successfully managed a variety of products and is currently the Product Manager – Interior & Specialty Products for AGC Glass North America.  Elizabeth is responsible for managing the North American product portfolio and developing/maintaining the roadmap for interior decorative glass products.  She establishes product positioning following market trends and manages promotional activities and launch strategies across North America.


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