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Adding value and longevity with anti-corrosion glass

A product like LUXCLEAR® Protect, an anti-corrosion glass from AGC Glass North America, can help glass-enclosed spaces like the shower, bathroom, a hot tub enclosure, or sunroom retain its attractive shine.

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June 28, 2018 |
Elizabeth Cotton

High-end residential construction is changing. While there is a certain market which aims to call the more traditional mansion home, more people today are eager to live in attractive mixed-use spaces; one can live, perhaps work, shop, and play, footsteps from their front door. As such, residential builders are catering to the demands of the modern, luxury home in this pseudo-urban setting, where a minimalist, light, and airy residential aesthetic still reigns supreme. And that means lots of glass is used inside the dwelling.

From the exterior, the popular choice for modern apartments is to add large windows to let in copious light, air, and views to the surrounding activity – perhaps even opening out onto a balcony. Yet inside, glass is an equally important design element, particularly in the bathroom. Today’s renters and homeowners prefer features like a walk-in shower – often designed with glass doors – and a spa-like ambiance in this all-important bathing area. After all, the contemporary bathroom is not just a place to get clean, but a place to relax, rejuvenate and perhaps meditate – all in a space that feels open, calm, and is light-filled. Glass is used liberally to create this sensation, and it is important that a resilient product be selected to perform well despite frequent use, hot water, soaps, shampoos, and more.

A product like LUXCLEAR® Protect, an anti-corrosion glass from AGC Glass North America, can help glass-enclosed spaces like the shower, bathroom, a hot tub enclosure, or sunroom retain its attractive shine. Corrosion from hidden contaminants in hot water, heat, and humidity can give glass a dull and dirty appearance, which can be hard to eliminate. In fact, it will also only worsen over time. LUXCLEAR Protect has a special, scientifically-developed coating to prevent this from happening to the material. This protective coating fuses with the glass, permanently sealing the surface so it will remain clear and appear attractive and new for its lifespan. It shields the glass against hard water, staining and etching, and fortunately for the consumer, requires no special cleaning materials or methods.

In turn, LUXCLEAR Protect is a boon to the residential architect or building owner, who can add value to this space by including the aesthetically-pleasing, high-performing glass. Additionally, when it comes time to resell the space, it is less likely that the homeowner will need to replace this kind of anti-corrosion glass in areas where it is exposed to these contaminants; adding even more value to the residence.

In today’s competitive real estate market, attracting the consumer is key, and this job starts right at the design level. But ensuring that important spaces remain appealing and like new is an essential element to creating – and maintaining – value for years to come. Working with LUXCLEAR Protect is one way to achieve this in spaces that will always need to be well-designed, present the wow factor to a potential homeowner, and stay clean and undamaged despite heavy and regular use.

Elizabeth Cotton | Glass: Unlimited Possibilities
AGC Glass North America
Product Manager – Interior & Specialty Products

Elizabeth Cotton has successfully managed a variety of products and is currently the Product Manager – Interior & Specialty Products for AGC Glass North America.  Elizabeth is responsible for managing the North American product portfolio and developing/maintaining the roadmap for interior decorative glass products.  She establishes product positioning following market trends and manages promotional activities and launch strategies across North America.


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