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LPA believes that sustainability inspires great design—design that’s environmentally intelligent and efficient—yet also visionary, vibrant and life-changing. From K-12 and higher education facilities to civic, recreational, corporate and healthcare developments, LPA delivers design solutions that benefit the environment, improve the bottom line and enrich the human experience. As one of the country’s only design firms with a dedicated research team, LPA draws on cutting-edge data, analysis and technology to shape projects and improve their economic, environmental and social value. www.lpadesignstudios.com
The design for Normandie creates opportunities for residents to connect with nature and their neighbors. Courtesy LPA Inc.

The design for Normandie creates opportunities for residents to connect with nature and their neighbors. Courtesy LPA Inc.


Multifamily Housing | February 23, 2021 | LPA Blog

The mainstreaming of modular construction offers a cost-effective and creative solution to develop new types of urban developments.

LPA Blog Cover
Reconstruction & Renovation | January 02, 2019 | LPA Blog

With some facilities, a little creativity can save money and salvage a building worth saving. 

Healthcare Facilities | August 03, 2018 | LPA Blog Gigi Bainbridge

California hospitals can save money with a holistic approach to retrofit issues.

Architects | June 28, 2018 | LPA Blog

The challenge is to design makerspaces that work, spaces that function as a tool for educators to produce better students.

K-12 Schools | December 06, 2017 | LPA Blog Craig Drone

A step-by-step process finds better answers, saves money, and produces measurable results.

Higher Education | October 26, 2017 | LPA Blog Glenn Carels

A building is much more than its appearance; it’s how the user will behave inside of it that determines its adaptability.

A hallway and study space at the Samueli Academy
K-12 Schools | September 08, 2017 | LPA Blog Lowell Tacker

Flexible, modern classrooms should be viewed as a key element of a sound financial strategy, producing a solid return-on-investment.

An active outdoor space for students
K-12 Schools | August 18, 2017 | LPA Blog Winston Bao

Active design can be incorporated into any facility or campus with a few simple steps.

Office Building Design | July 05, 2017 | LPA Blog Karen Thomas

Whether for a team of 20 or 200, if today’s professionals are not currently working in an open office environment, a change is likely on the horizo...

Architects | May 22, 2017 | LPA Blog Andrew Wickham

Recently, in educational design, we have seen a trend toward more flexible learning spaces.

Building Team | April 05, 2017 | LPA Blog Arash Izadi

With the completion of the athletic facility upgrade—dubbed the Arden Project—students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Healthcare Facilities | February 24, 2017 | LPA Blog Marcus Thorne

Higher costs and low occupancy rates have forced healthcare facilities to rethink how healthcare is delivered in their community.

Education Facility | January 10, 2017 | LPA Blog Travis Rice

Interior and exterior spaces harmoniously provide a campus experience to challenge children in the classroom, while also providing opportunities fo...

Architects | December 07, 2016 | LPA Blog Kate Mraw

Learning is a lot like working; it varies daily, ranges from individual to collaborative, formal to informal and from hands on to digital.

Office Building Design | October 26, 2016 | LPA Blog Karen Thomas, CID / LEED AP BD+C

With a continued focus on providing more with less, companies across all industries are continually driving their workers to increase efficiency an...

How active design is reshaping higher education campuses

Photo courtesy LPA

University Buildings | November 05, 2015 | LPA Blog Glenn Carels

Active design, a dynamic approach to design with a primary focus on people, assists students in learning to make healthy choices, writes LPA's Glen...

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