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Product Roundup: 12 roof and wall systems

JM EPDM RT from Johns Manville, Flintlastic SA from CertainTeed, and RockWool Multifix from RockWool are just three of the 12 products highlighted in BD+C's May Product Roundup.

May 29, 2018 |


1. Tropi-cool stop leak


This 100% silicone spray sealer is the industry’s first permanent silicone aerosol spray sealer, according to the maker. The product creates a permanent leak-proof seal that is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. It can withstand rain within 15 minutes after application and provides a strong bond to virtually any surface—skylights, flashing, roofs, windowsills, foundations, metal, concrete, and glass.




This stone wool roofing insulation and coverboard in one reduces the number of layers required for low-slope roof assemblies. The insulation board features a built-in coverboard and a mineral-coated fiberglass facer that is compatible with multiple attachment methods. It can improve overall roof performance by regulating the temperature of the thermal insulation, particularly in cold temperatures, says the maker.



W.R. Meadows

This single-component liquid synthetic rubber air, vapor, and liquid moisture barrier is easy to apply and cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane. The highly flexible membrane offers strong adhesion to span great lengths, ensuring a continuous barrier. It adheres to most common surfaces, various wall systems, and is suitable for both new construction and restoration. Nontoxic with low-VOC content.


4. Autoceil


This insulation and finishing system for metal building roofs and walls features an automated installation process that provides a tensioned ceiling support system for uncompressed, full-thickness insulation. The method provides OSHA-compliant fall protection and eliminates bottom-side banding, strapping, and fasteners throughout the entire ceiling, for faster, easier installation. Designed for spans up to 200 feet.


5. DensDeck Prime


Roof board has been enhanced with EONIC Technology, which provides improved water resistance and increased vertical pull strength. Manufacturing specifications include a surface water absorption rate of one gram and a total water absorption rate of 5%—among the most stringent in the industry. Independent testing showed ½-inch gypsum fiber board absorbed 132% more water than ½-inch DensDeck Prime with EONIC.


6. Nature Crafted Collection

DaVinci Roofscapes

This collection of composite shake shingles includes three colors—Aged Cedar, Mossy Cedar, and Black Oak—designed to reflect different progressive aging processes found on real shake shingles. The products have a lifetime limited warranty and will not split, crack, curl, or fade. They also resist fire, impacts, high winds, mold, algae, fungus, and insects. Available in wavy or straight grains throughout the tile.


7. Kemperol Reflect 2K-FR

Kemper System

This liquid-applied cool roof system features a new bright-white formulation that has been tested to perform with an initial Solar Reflectance Index of 110. The fully-reinforced membrane is solvent-free, odor-free, and low VOC. The system cures to a bright-white finish. No topcoat is necessary, which reduces labor costs and installation time. Listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council.


8. Secure Bond Technology

Firestone Building products

Firestone’s UltraPly TPO SA and RubberGard EPDM SA are available with the company’s new Secure Bond Technology, a self-adhering membrane with a factory-applied, pressure-sensitive adhesive. The system improves installation speed over traditional TPO fully adhered systems and widens the weather window, with the ability to install down to 20 F, according to the maker.


9. JM EPDM R Fit

Johns Manville

This reinforced EPDM membrane sheet with “tape-to-tape technology” has been field tested at speeds up to four times faster installation than other membranes, says the maker. The initial bond between tape-to-tape membrane sheets has been measured to be up to 20% stronger compared to field-fabricated seams. The water-tight seam is never exposed on the rooftop, so the risk of contamination during installation is minimal.


10. Engineered shingles, Shakes

Ply Gem

Designed from hand-selected, genuine slate and milled cedar, this line of engineered slate shingles and cedar shakes utilizes digitally-scanned molds to reprint the fine details of natural shingles. Solid-core composition that includes recycled resins creates a durable roofing material that has performed well under rigorous testing conditions. Withstands hailstones, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and winds up to 190 mph.


11. Flintlastic SA


Enhancements to this self-adhering SBS modified bitumen roofing material mean that the long-standing system is now able to withstand installation in near-freezing temperatures. Both the Flintlastic SA Cap and Flintlastic SA Cap FR (fire rated) cap sheets can be installed in temperatures below 40 F with the use of a hot-air welder. This enables roofers to work quickly through the winter months without fear of plunging temperatures.




The world’s first spray-grade silyl terminated polyether (STPE) waterproofing membrane, this product is designed for use in positive-side waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, and above-grade, horizontal waterproofing applications. The single-component, liquid-applied, moisture-curing elastomeric product can be applied in both vertical and horizontal applications with minimal prep work.

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