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Back-painted glass: Luxury effects made easy

Products that give an elevated energy to their environment are important for builders and designers to consider.

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November 21, 2017 |
Elizabeth Cotton

There are plenty of design trends that have proven to be short-lived – fading away just as fast as they came onto the scene. It’s the simple, yet luxurious architectural details that tend to stand the test of time because of the ongoing demand for upgraded features. After all, that’s what sets the magnificent apart from the mediocre — and achieving this level of luxury is now easier than ever.

In general, products that give an elevated energy to their environment are important for builders and designers to consider. Not only do they provide an aesthetic appeal but they also add value to the spaces in which they are used. Innovative back-painted glass is a great example of this type of product. For example, Lacobel T and Matelac T by AGC Glass North America are the first tempered back-painted glass products that offer an easy way to create a luxurious effect.



Glossy and Satin-finish Aesthetics

With a range of 10 trendsetting, glossy and satin-finish colors, back-painted glass achieves a contemporary look for building interiors and exteriors. Lacobel T provides a high gloss luxurious look while Matelac T has a more subtle satin-finish. These tempered back-painted glass products are strong, safe, and highly resistant to heat, thermal shock and UV, so it’s suitable for use in both interior and exterior applications.

Back-painted glass products are an easy way to realize virtually unlimited designs, no matter what part of the project they are specified for. Whether for interior wall coverings, furniture, partitions, or standard and sliding doors – both glossy and satin-finish tempered back-painted glass have you covered. For building exteriors, Lacobel T is perfect for spandrel and exterior façade cladding.



Long-Lasting Form and Function

Back-painted glass is a durable material that retains its original appearance year after year. At AGC, their top of the line manufacturing process guarantees a uniform and consistent appearance. Through an industrial application process, high-quality paint adheres flawlessly to the glass for a smooth, even finish and uniformity.

Installation and maintenance are easy thanks to the flat surface of back-painted glass. With numerous color options to choose from, these products offer seamless design integration for individual project needs. Designers may choose to use back-painted glass in large or small quantities, depending on the project requirements. Regardless, it is designed to enhance the space and light for any approach the architect or designer chooses to take.

Lacobel T and Matelac T tempered back-painted glass are environmentally friendly – preserving the quality of indoor air by emitting very low levels of VOCs. AGC’s Lacobel T and Matelac T in particular are Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified and easy to recycle.



Elizabeth Cotton | Glass: Unlimited Possibilities
AGC Glass North America
Product Manager – Interior & Specialty Products

Elizabeth Cotton has successfully managed a variety of products and is currently the Product Manager – Interior & Specialty Products for AGC Glass North America.  Elizabeth is responsible for managing the North American product portfolio and developing/maintaining the roadmap for interior decorative glass products.  She establishes product positioning following market trends and manages promotional activities and launch strategies across North America.


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