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The world’s tallest buildings with dampers

The CTBUH created the list as part of a recent study.

August 27, 2018 |

As buildings grow taller and taller around the world, especially in seismically active and cyclone-prone areas, dynamic modification devices, such as dampers, are becoming more common in the fight to counteract these natural forces.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat recently published a report of the world’s tallest buildings with dampers. The report lists all of the buildings in the world (completed and under construction) that are 250-meters-tall or taller and include a damper. It also shows their location by city. New York City leads the way with 11 buildings 250-meters-tall or tall with a damper. Dubai is second with eight.


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The 10 tallest, completed buildings with dampers are:


1. Shanghai Tower

2. Ping An Finance Center

3. Taipei 101

4. Shanghai World Financial Center

5. and 6. Petronas Twin Towers 1 & 2

7. 432 Park Avenue

8. Princess Tower

9. 23 Marina

10. Almas Tower


The report also breaks down the tallest 50 buildings by function, primary structural material, and damper type. Mixed-use (48%), composite (36%), and tuned mass damper (48%) are the most popular in each respective category.

View the entire study here.

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