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CO2-neutral science museum to rise in Sweden

COBE designed the building.

July 10, 2019 |

All renderings courtesy COBE

After winning an international competition, COBE will design a new science museum in the Swedish university city of Lund.

The museum will be constructed of wood and fully CO2-neutral. It will rise two stories and comprise exhibition halls with both permanent and temporary exhibitions, a gallery, a reception area, workshops, a museum shop, a restaurant, offices, and an auditorium across 37,670 sf. The museum’s first floor will be one large and flexible exhibition space. The idea behind the museum is to promote the general interest in natural science and research in an engaging and playful way.


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A green public space becomes the centerpiece of the building and is constantly present as guests move through the museum, both inside and outside. The 17,222 sf concave roof will be covered in solar panels that will generate enough electricity to cover the museum’s needs.

The large, round atrium will be an open and flexible urban space where a variety of functions can take place. Exhibitions will be visible and accessible for everyone, even before entering the museum. Its gently sloping terrain acts as a water reservoir and an overflow canal in case of extreme rainfall.

The museum is scheduled to open in 2024.

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