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Coronavirus | Stantec Mar 16, 2020

Coronavirus and the water cycle—here is what treatment professionals need to know

As the global health community tracks the spread of this virus, it’s important for water and wastewater professionals to keep updated on potential impacts.

Healthcare Facilities | Stantec Jul 15, 2019

Can a kids’ healthcare space teach, entertain, and heal?

Standard building requirements don’t have to be boring. Here’s how you can inject whimsical touches into everyday design features.

Retail Centers | Stantec Apr 2, 2019

Brick-and-mortar retail is not dead—here’s proof

We continually hear that “retail is dying,” but there are many foundational retail types essential to consumers—here’s a look at 3 of them.

Urban Planning | Stantec Mar 1, 2019

What happens when downtown doesn’t stay downtown? The ripple effects of a strong center city

A new report from the International Downtown Association measures the true value and lasting impact of downtowns and center cities.

Airports | Stantec Feb 21, 2019

Self-service bag drops and the challenges of speeding up airport baggage check-in

More airports are asking passengers to check their own baggage. What’s the ripple effect?

Multifamily Housing | Stantec Jan 31, 2019

Student housing series: Designing a home away from home in The Golden State

California asserts building code restrictions more stringently than other states, making design challenging for student housing.

| Stantec Dec 20, 2018

Open plan 2.0: Tips for a successful transition to a new open-office design

When it’s time to make the move, designers can support clients in introducing a new workplace environment.

Biophilic Design | Stantec Nov 19, 2018

Biophilic design: What is it? Why it matters? And how do we use it?

5 tips to infuse natural elements into the built environment—from plants to pictures.

Architects | Stantec Sep 24, 2018

Assembly (and rigorous planning) required: Managing the pros and cons of modular construction

While offering efficiency and flexibility, modular construction requires extensive planning and collaboration to avoid potential challenges.

Green | Stantec Aug 15, 2018

What if your neighborhood could make you healthier?

The WELL Community Standard equips planners to build health promotion into the very fabric of neighborhoods.

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