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Echelon Smart Connect EX3 MAX

Ed Oswald of recommends the Echelon Smart Connect EX3 MAX Indoor Cycle as an affordable alternative to Peloton.

Multifamily Housing | October 09, 2019
Readers and experts offer alternatives to Peloton bicycles for their apartment and condo...
Peloton bikes at Weinstein Properties, Bexley Triangle Park, Raleigh, NC

Peloton bikes at Weinstein Properties, Bexley Triangle Park, Raleigh, NC. Courtesy Weinstein Properties


Multifamily Housing | BD+C Editors | September 04, 2019
Peloton will no longer sell its bikes to apartment communities.

Compact washer/dryer combo. Courtesy Whirlpool.

Multifamily Housing | September 03, 2019
In-unit washer/dryer heads our ranking of the top indoor amenities in multifamily housing...
Steel Construction and Products | August 26, 2019
New AISC "Designing with Structural Steel - A Guide for Architects"
Top 10 outdoor amenities in multifamily housing for 2019

Photo: Pexels


Multifamily Housing | August 19, 2019
Top 10 results in the “Outdoor Amenities” category in our Multifamily Design+Construction...
Amenities 2019: Rethinking the $30,000 Cup of Coffee

Design Partners Incorporated provided surfboard storage at The Collection (above), a 397-unit, 43-story condo tower and 54-unit mid-rise (plus 14 townhomes) for developer The Collection LLC (subsidiary of A&B Properties Inc.); and at Waihonua at Kewalo, another 43-floor condo community, for client Kewalo Development. Both are in Honolulu. Photo: Ryan Kamo/Design Partners Inc.


Multifamily Housing | August 12, 2019
What amenities are “must-have” rather than “nice to have” for the local market? Which...
'Buildings Don't Lie': A building science reference book worth your time and money

Henry Gifford's Buildings Don't Lie challenges AEC professionals to build better buildings through a better understanding of basic building science.

Multifamily Housing | August 09, 2019
Review of "Buildings Don't Lie," by engineer Henry Gifford.
Independence Library and Apartments, a hybrid library and affordable housing development in Chicago. Designed by John Ronan Architects

Independence Library and Apartments, a hybrid library and affordable housing development in Chicago. Designed by John Ronan Architects

Multifamily Housing | August 06, 2019
How the city of Chicago and nonprofit groups partnered to build three libraries plus...

Annual mortgage payment plus property tax per average square foot of housing in US cities.

Source: World Business Chicago

Multifamily Housing | BD+C Editors | April 30, 2018
It's inaccurate to focus on property taxes as a percentage of home value without...

Yotel, New York City. Photo: JasonParis, flickr creative commons

Hotel Facilities | BD+C Editors | March 09, 2016
Hotels are going for a new minimalist look to attract younger guests, but some older...

Photo: Deskmag via Wikimedia Commons

Sustainable Development | BD+C Editors | December 02, 2015
Researchers at Harvard, SUNY-Upstate Medical Center, and Syracuse University conduct a...

American Standard's SaTo sanitary toilet pans (shown here installed in a latrine in Haiti) seal off pit latrines from flies to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Architects | BD+C Editors | December 08, 2014
When we see the incredible technology being produced by global plumbing manufacturers, it...
Architects | BD+C Editors | November 17, 2014
It’s been almost two years since 20 first-graders were shot and killed at Sandy Hook...

Illustration: ratch0013 via

Architects | BD+C Editors | September 03, 2014
Architecture, engineering, and (presumably) construction firms will face difficulties...

Qianhai Development - Goettsch Partners, August 2014

Architects | BD+C Editors | August 29, 2014
U.S. architecture and engineering firms like Goettsch Partners have been enjoying full...

Chart: \"Fear on Foot,\" Planning Magazine

Transportation & Parking Facilities | BD+C Editors | August 27, 2014
A report from Smart Growth America on pedestrian fatalities shows that cities in Florida...

Photo: siddman via Wikimedia Commons

Architects | BD+C Editors | June 08, 2014
Just for the sake of argument, let’s put aside the rhetoric about climate change—whether...

Tallinn, Estonia. Photo: Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

Architects | BD+C Editors | March 26, 2014
An interesting experiment is taking place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, where, for...

Photo: MSPACE Holdings via Wikinedia Commons

Architects | BD+C Editors | March 04, 2014
Before you get your shorts in a knot, I have nothing against science, technology,...
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