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Beyond BIM: Getting Your Systems in Sync

Architect Carlos Cardoso demonstrates Beyer Blinder Belle's proprietary software tool for sharing project information in real time with all parties (think: BIM meets Google doc).


Communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving are the building blocks of the AEC industry—and the key to unlocking future possibilities for design of all types. 

Given the increasing complexity of design these days, it's critical for the architect to understand the logistics of the construction phase, while pursuing their design goals. 

To share information quickly and effectively between professionals, Carlos Cardoso, AIA, Partner with Beyer Blinder Belle, created a transformational communication process that delivers changes to all parties in real time, whether they are on and off the construction site. 

This proprietary software is a cloud-based tool (think of a BIM model as a type of Google doc) where all team members share information simultaneously, boosting communication and fostering a better working environment for all parties. 

It also allows design teams to keep their clients and their funders instantaneously up to date. "Virtual Design and Construction" is the key to facilitating a better working environment for all parties.

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